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13-Year-Old Blind Crocheter Aims For World Record

Blind Teenager Is Trying To Beat The World Record For The Longest Finger Crocheted Rope

Norwegian Ida Sofie Myking Veseth has previously had a stab at the record, but fell short by only a few meters.

This time round, she is confident that she will break the world record for the longest finger crocheted rope with 19,369.5 meters (about 12 miles). Ida Sofie can get through as much as 10 yarn balls a day and the resulting crocheted rope has been wound up into 4 gigantic balls.

The 13-year-old girl was born with “normal” eyesight. However, some years ago, she noticed that her eyesight was getting progessively worse. Her ophthalmologist found a problem with her retina.Unfortunately, her eyesight deteriorated rapidly, from 40% in May 2013 to only 5% three months later.

It was hard for the teenager to lose her eyesight in this manner. She had previously been very active, playing handball and soccer as well as doing a lot of mountain hiking. So finger crocheting became like therapy for Ida Sofie.

finger crocheted rope | the crochet space

The official control measuring was carried out last Friday and took 7 hours. It will take some time to get the record attempt approved by Guinness World Records. The family must apply to have the recorded approved. They also needed to document the whole process. In addition, the actual measuring had to be witnessed and filmed.

Apparently the old record is 4,321.4 meters (approx. 2.7 miles) so it seems that the world record for the longest finger crocheted rope might be in the bag for this courageous blind teenager.

We wish Ida Sofie all the best in her record attempt and hope that she is successful in her attempt to get into Guinness Book of Records!

Feeling inspired to try out finger crocheting? Click the NEXT button below to watch a video tutorial.

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