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5 Helpful Amigurumi Tips For Crocheters [FREE VIDEO Tutorial]

Learn 5 Helpful Tips To Improve Your Crochet Amigurumi

Watch this very informative video tutorial and you will find 5 crochet amigurumi tips that are incredibly helpful. They are designed to make your life much easier, when crocheting these adorable toys.

The West Coast Mom writes a wonderful blog on many different sorts of crafting, which, luckily for us, includes crochet.

I found this tutorial, concise, easy to listen to and some great tips that will make your crochet life easier and quicker.

TIP#1 – Don’t close your magic ring straight away, wait until you’ve completed a couple of rounds, it will make it easier to find your first stitch.

TIP#2 – Make sure you use a stitch marker, then you will know exactly where a new round starts. This is great it you have lots of interruptions in the middle of your crafting!

TIP#3 – Use a round or row counter, so you don’t get lost. This will help keep you on track.

TIP#4 – Complete any embroidery that your amigurumi needs sooner rather than later. It’s so much easier if you don’t leave it right to the end of the project. You’ll find it so much easier to hide all those loose ends!

TIP#5 – Don’t be over generous when stuffing your amigurumi toy, it will easily distort the shape.

Make sure that you also take a look at the photographs and written tutorial, if you prefer this method of learning.

Check out our Free amigurumi patterns while you are here… I’m sure you’ll want to add to your collection, once you have watched the following VIDEO. Please just click on this link:  Crochet Amigurumi, Animals & Toys.

The 5 helpful tips which are suggested in this Free VIDEO tutorial, can be watched here. Please click on this link:

Watch this excellent video tutorial from West Coast Mom on Too Much Love and improve your amigurumi.

This Great Video tutorial has been put together by West Coast Mom  – Thank you!

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