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Adding Beads With A Crochet Hook [FREE Crochet Video Tutorial]

Learn All About Adding Beads With A Crochet Hook

Adding beads with a crochet hook is probably one of many crocheters favorite methods – but of course, it all depends on the project!

We love the flexibility of this method because you can just jump into the project and figure out bead placement/number as you go.

Furthermore, you can accessorize your crocheted product using this skill without having to count the them.

Any beginner level crocheter will love learning this technique because it is a lovely addition to their crocheting skills.

Tamara Kelly created this pattern for adding them to a crochet project, and even added a very easy to follow video.

Access the FREE guide for this wonderful crochet skill of adding beads using a crochet hook with the video from her website and start crocheting today!

As a matter of fact, you can access the FREE crocheted guide on how to add them with a crochet hook by clicking here: Using A Crochet Hook To Add Beads.

Featured image(s): Moogly, thank you!

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Watch the great video tutorial from Tamara and learn how to add beads using a crochet hook!


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