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Amazing Crocheted Peacock Bag [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Create This Amazing Crocheted Peacock Bag

This is an amazing crocheted peacock bag that will keep your things handy and stay fashionable.

Nature is definitely a great place to find inspiration for crochet patterns.

As a matter of fact, named after the bright and colorful feathers of peacocks.

Every girl will love this simple yet charming looking bag because of its texture and shape design.

This intermediate crochet pattern is a must-do for those of you who enjoys colorful bags.

Over 800 Items

Designed by Eveline de Hollander this dainty purse resembles the fanned tail of a peacock.

As a result, designer Evaline over at Evahaakje blogspot created this amazing peacock bag.

Access this FREE crocheted peacock bag pattern from Evaline’s Evehaakje.

You can access this FREE crocheted peacock bag pattern by clicking here: Amazing Peacock Bag Pattern

Featured image(s): Evehaakje Blogspot, thank you!

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