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Amazing Festival Crocheted Lace Shawl [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Create This Amazing Festival Crocheted Lace Shawl

An amazing festival crocheted lace shawl to keep you warm and fashionable all at once.

Although the basic stitches in this pattern are not difficult, this pattern is more appropriate for more experience crocheters.

Therefore, we are going to suggest that this pattern requires at least advanced beginner to intermediate crochet skills.

The shawl can be made as large (or small) as desired simply by working additional row repeats.

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When finished, this delightful crocheted shawl should have a length in the middle of about 24 inches.

If you prefer metric measurements, the Juliette shawl should have a length of about 60.96 cm.

Designer Lyn Robinson over at Emaleena’s Shop created this lovely festive crocheted shawl.

Access this FREE downloadable crocheted pattern of the amazing lace shawl from Emaleena’s Shop.

You can download this FREE crocheted lace shawl, please click here: Amazing Festival Lace Shawl Pattern

Featured image(s): Emaleena’s Shop, thank you!

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