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Andes Sunrise Crochet Bag [FREE Crochet Pattern+Video]

Take A Trip With This Amazing Andes Sunrise Crochet Bag

Take a trip with this amazing Andes Sunrise Crochet Bag, even if it’s to your local shopping mall. This stunning bag is guaranteed to brighten your day. It’s colorful and vibrant, and is just a general feel-good bag.

The design is worked in the round, from the bottom up and in several colors. There are no special stitches making this an ideal project for confident beginner crocheters who would like to advance their skills.

For those of you who are still inexperienced in working in the round, you can access an additional FREE tutorial. Just click this link: Learn How To Crochet In The Round.

This crochet pattern is another wonderful design by the very talented people over at Drops Design.

Working in more than one color can be a challenge in the beginning. Drops have a great video tutorial which shows us this specific technique. [ Be aware there is no sound, it is only visual, with written instruction] To access this video please click this link: Two colors crochet in the round

To access the FREE pattern and diagrams for this fabulous crochet bag, please click this link: Andes Sunrise

NB! The price you see on the Drops Design page when you click the link is NOT for the pattern – THE PATTERN IS FREE. The price is for the yarn if you choose to buy yarn from Drops Design 

Featured Images  Andes Sunrise by DROPS Design – Thank you!

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