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Bark Large Crocheted Textured Stola [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Make This Bark Large Crocheted Textured Stola

Have your very own bark large crocheted textured stola that you can use to protect yourself from cold and much more.

In fact, you can use it around your shoulders as a stola, as a mini plaid or a scarf.

A large crocheted shawl in a simple, open-textured pattern.

An experienced crocheter will be ideal for this particular crochet stola pattern.

When finished, this delightful crocheted shawl should have a length of approximately 94.5 inches and width of 16 inches.

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If you prefer metric measurements, the bark large shawl should have a length of about 240 cm by 40 cm width.

The designer responsible for this incredible crocheted shawl is Stine Gudmand-Høyer over at Filcolana.

Download the crochet pattern for this amazing bark large crocheted textured stola for FREE at Filcolana.

To access the FREE downloadable pattern for this beautiful crocheted bark stola, please click here: Bark Large Textured Stola Pattern.

The patterns are available in both English and Danish!

Feature image(s): Filcolana, thank you! 

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