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Beautiful Unicorn Crochet Washcloth [FREE Crochet Pattern+Tutorial]

Add This Beautiful Unicorn Crochet Washcloth To Your Kiddies Unicorn Collection

Add this Beautiful Unicorn Crochet Washcloth to your kiddies Unicorn collection, and they will never complain about washing again!

This inventive washcloth is awesome and kiddies will adore it. Easy and quick to craft, there are no difficult or special stitches.

The completed washcloth should be approx. 7 inch/ 17.78 cm square.

You will need to know how to crochet in the round however, please click here for further guidance:

The designer also added an purely ‘optional’ backing to the washcloth, to avoid the stitches being seen.

The designer behind this great washcloth is Chrisandra from And She Laughs.

To access the free crochet pattern, directly from her website, please click here: Unicorn Wash Cloth Pattern

Featured Image: Chrisandra from And She Laughs-thank you!

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