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Chicken Butt Crocheted Coasters [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Bring Some Whimsy Into Your Home With These Chicken Butt Crocheted Coasters

Amuse house guests with these Chicken Butt crocheted coasters. The hilarious crocheted items make for a fun conversation piece.

They also make for a wacky gift for a friend’s special day!

In fact, this pattern is a great project for confident beginner crocheters to work on.

The pattern contains detailed written instructions for one size. As always, you can tweak the directions to make the crocheted coasters any size you desire.

Also included in the pattern is a photo tutorial to aid you in crafting these comical crocheted pieces.

This crochet pattern is an awesome design by Wilma Westenberg.

In fact, you can access the FREE pattern for these crocheted kitchen accessories from her website Wilmade.

To access the FREE pattern for these quirky crocheted coasters, please click on this link: Chicken Butt Coasters Pattern

Featured image: Wilma Westenberg Рthank you!

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