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Colorful Crocheted Wool Eater Blanket [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Make This Colorful Crocheted Wool Eater Blanket For Your Bed

This amazing and colorful crocheted wool eater blanket looks great draped over a bed. The colors are combined in a superb way. They help to create a joyful ambiance in any room.

The color options of this beautiful blanket are endless. You mix and match them to suit the home decor and the result is always fantastic.

The designer responsible for this lovely crocheted blanket made up of squares is Sarah London.

She wrote a very simple pattern with clear instructions on how to crochet the wool eater squares.

You crochet as many squares as you need to make in order to make a blanket that will cover your bed or even your sofa.

You can access the crochet pattern for this gorgeous blanket for FREE from Sarah’s website.

To access the FREE  crochet pattern for this amazing blanket, please click here: The Wool Eater Blanket Pattern

Featured image: crochet86 (rainbow colors) & apricotmango (purple).

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