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Create Crochet Heart Stitches [ Free Written + Video Tutorial]

Learn How To Create Crochet Heart Stitches And Add Them To A Special Project

Learn how to Create Crochet Heart Stitches and add them to a special project.

This incredibly easy and gorgeous stitch, just became even easier to learn as we now have a wonderful video tutorial, which we can crochet along to.

The creator of this tutorial is none other than Olivia at Hopeful Honey.

She has not only provided a video tutorial, but also a written set of instructions, which you can access from her web site.

Alternatively, please click here for a direct link : How To Crochet The Heart Stitch-Easy Tutorial

You will be able to use this loving stitch on a multitude of projects. Just have fun and enjoy learning this pretty and amazing stitch.

Featured Image: Olivia at Hopeful Honey- thank you!

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