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Create Crochet Skip Stitches [ Free Written + Video Tutorial]

Create Crochet Skip Stitches On Purpose

Learn how to Create Crochet Skip Stitches on purpose.

You will often see the abbreviation SK on a pattern, which calls for you to Skip or Skip a stitch. It might even request that you skip multiple stitches. Alternatively it could request skipping a chain, or sometimes even a space. eg. for button holes or bag handles etc. etc.

Initially, it can be a little confusing, so we thought it was well worth looking for a tutorial specifically for this technique. You will find that skipping a stitch is used for a variety of reasons. Be ready, when it occurs.

We have included two different tutorials for this technique.

A great FREE video tutorial by Tamara Kelly and the Moogly Family over at the Moogly website , which is very informative and helpful.

View this brilliant video tutorial from Moogly and learn how to skip stitches the easy way!

In the second tutorial,  we have a wonderful written tutorial from the team over at The Spruce Crafts. Combine both tutorials and it covers pretty much everything you need to know about Skipping a Stitch.

View the written tutorial, by clicking on this link: What Does sk Mean in Crochet?

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Featured images: Tamara Kelly and the Moogly Family- Thank you!

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