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Crochet Angel Pin [FREE Crochet Video Tutorial]

Make This Heavenly Crochet Angel Pin

You may not already have an angel on your shoulder, so why not make a crochet angel pin for your shoulder? This little angel pin is not only cute – it is also fun to make.

This is a very quick and easy little crochet project. In fact, making one of these cute little angels will probably just take you about 10 to 15 minutes.

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This little angel is about 1.5 inches across. In metric, that is about 3.8 cm across

The angel pin was designed by Kim Guzman. She has also made a great video tutorial which shows you how to make one of these great angels.

There is not written pattern for this angel pin. We therefore suggest you pause the video as you work along with Kim.

You can see more of Kim’s video tutorials here

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