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Crochet Ewe-Gene Black Sheep [FREE Pattern]

Make This Adorable Crochet Ewe-Gene Black Sheep

Who can resist the sad eyes of this super cute crochet ewe-gene black sheep? This little black sheep is really fluffy and snuggly.

The super cuddly feel has been achieved by using the Double Loop crochet stitch. If you would like to save time, you can just use double crochet instead. However, this little sheep will not be as fluffy then.

This cute cuddly toy has been designed by Happy Crocheting. The pattern is probably more an intermediate pattern than a beginners pattern. This is because the Double Loop stitch has been used.

We suggest that you watch this great video tutorial from the Crochet Guru. She will show you how to make the Double Loop stitch.

To download the FREE pattern for this adorable black sheep from Ravelry, please click here: Crocheted Black Sheep Pattern

Featured Images: Happy Crocheting – Thank you!

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