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Crochet Misty Moss Stitch Dishcloths [FREE Pattern+Photo Tutorial]

Time To Crochet Misty Moss Stitch Dishcloths

It’s time To Crochet Misty Moss Stitch Dishcloths and add them to your gift cupboard stash! This wonderful dishcloth is sure to become a new firm favorite of yours and your friends.

Not the most textured dishcloth we have among our patterns, but absolutely perfect for non scouring jobs.

Like the designer, we all have different favorite dishcloths for different chores. You will find this a great choice to bring out when you are in spring cleaning mode.

The Moss Stitch goes by many names depending on where you are, so you may know this stitch by another name. Either way, it’s a very easy stitch to craft. If you know how to chain and single stitch, you will be fine.

This crochet pattern is a wonderful design by Erica Dietz from 5 Little Monsters.

In fact, you can access the FREE pattern for this wonderful dishcloth.

To access the FREE pattern for this dishcloth, please click on this link: Moss Stitch Dishcloths

It is entirely up to you if you would like to complete this dishcloth with an edge. The designer has give instructions on how you can complete a simple border.

If you would like more information on how to finish your projects with alternative techniques, please click on this link for a photo tutorial: Invisible Finish / Join Technique

Like this dishcloth? You can find more FREE patterns like this here: Dishcloths

Featured image: Erica Dietz from 5 Little Monsters – thank you!


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