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Crochet Pan Handle Covers [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Stop Burning Your Hands And Craft These Creative Crochet Pan Handle Covers

Stop burning your hands and craft these creative Crochet Pan Handle Covers.

What could be easier than crocheting a pan handle? In addition, why have we never thought of this before?

How many of us have burnt our hands lifting heavy pans on and off the stove top, or tried wrapping towels and cloths around the handle to prevent this happening? This amazingly simple design is just the answer. Friends and family will go crazy when they see your latest project.

Craft using some of your spare yarn stash and add to your gift cupboard. Best made from cotton yarn, due to the heat.

Suitable for beginners this useful panhandle has been designed by She’s Crazy Crochet.

To access the FREE pattern for these, please click this link: Panhandles

If you like this fun pattern and would like to see more, please just click here: Fun With Crochet

Featured image: She’s Crazy Crochet – thank you!

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