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Crafty Crochet Slip Stitch [FREE Photo + Video Tutorial]

Learn How to Crochet Slip Stitch

The Crochet Slip Stitch is one of the smallest stitches you can learn, but also one of the most valuable. It is the perfect stitch to learn at the beginning of your crocheting story, as you will need this to take you onto bigger and more interesting projects in the future.

It may not look as neat and pretty as the Invisible Finish/ Join technique, but it does win if you want to move across stitches without adding height to your project and is perfect for forming a ring or circle when working in the round.

Amazingly the slip stitch is reversible, it looks exactly the same of both sides. Worked in rows, you can create a soft and stretchy texture.

We have included two different tutorials for this technique. A FREE video tutorial by Sierra Tosner over at Sweet Everly B.

In the amazing FREE video tutorial, Sierra teaches you how easy and quick this stitch is.

She has also given us some great personal tips, which I think make all the difference, when attempting this stitch for the first time. Her passion for crochet really comes through.

View the Video tutorial, by clicking on this link: The Ultimate Guide video tutorial

In the second tutorial,  we have a brilliant photo tutorial from the team over at The Spruce Crafts, which when combined, covers pretty much everything we need to know about the Slip Stitch.

View the Photo tutorial, by clicking on this link: How to Photo tutorial

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Featured Video Tutorial: Sierra Tosner from Sweet Everly B –

And Also – Featured image and photo tutorial – the team over at The Spruce Crafts- thank you!

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