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A Truly Innovative Way to Crochet

Textile Artist Trevor Smith Has Cracked The Teapot

Trevor spends all his spare time creating these unique and extremely ornate teapot cosies into something that is closer to fine art. Even though his delightful crocheted creations are quite sculptural, they are still functional.

Astonishingly, he never plans the patterns beforehand, nor does he make any sketches or designs. He just has a plan in his head and then makes up each stitch as he goes.

Trevor’s process involves looking at pictures online of the animal or thing he is making, and forming a traditional crochet teapot cover as the base.  He then builds up a foam and sometimes wire form to create the 3D shape of the thing. Next, he makes a crochet cover in that shape, and sews on the finishing touches.  These finishing details include small crochet balls and crochet circles, which evolve into leaves, rocks and what-not.

teapotTrevor has been interest in art since he was young and was taught crocheting by his mother, something that was quite unusual when he grew up.

“It was probably seen as unusual but I think I was a bit unusual, I mean, I grew up on a farm, I hated farm work… and my mother was a very talented craftswoman, she was always making things… and some of that was out of necessity, but I would see her making things and it gave me an interest in it as well. Preferring to be inside rather than outside, we spent a lot of time together.”

Watch the video and see more of Trevor’s incredible teapot cosies!

Trevor Smith: Australian Textiles Artist obsessed with Crochet Teapots from ABC Open South West Victoria on Vimeo

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