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Crocheted Caped Crusader Blankie [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Craft This Wonderful Crocheted Caped Crusader Blankie For Your Tot

Craft this wonderful Crocheted Caped Crusader Blankie for your tot.

These snuggle up blankets are just adorable and make a great best buddie for your child, especially at sleep time.

This is a great nod, to Batman, The Caped Crusader himself and a lovely companion to always have on hand when needed.

The designer has given us a chart as well as a pattern, to make it even easier for us to craft this. There are no difficult stitches, but you need to know the magic circle technique. If you haven´t done this before and would still like to have a go, here is a further tutorial for you. Just click here:  Crochet In The Round

The pattern is really divided into two parts. The ripple blanket and the head. The ripple blanket this is based upon, is already on our web site, and can be downloaded also for FREE, in English, Norwegian, German, Spanish and French. Please click here: Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket

The head, is crafted in the same way as amigurumi toys.There are full instructions, but again if you need further guidance, please click here for a further helpful tips:

5 Helpful Amigurumi Tips For Crocheters

This wonderful little blankie just has one drawback for me… if anything he looks too cute! He has a dear little face with safety glass eyes and a lovely little smile. I think as an option, you could simple keep his mouth in a straight line and embroider the eyes on in a slant. But that´s just my personal opinion. He´ll be wonderful either way.

The designer for this brilliant pattern is a great guy over at DenDennis, who is a prolific crafter.

You can also access the pattern for this blankie from his website. Please just click here : Batman Snuggle

Featured image: DenDennis – thank you!

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