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Crocheted Daisy Granny Square Poncho [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Treat Yourself To This Handmade Crocheted Daisy Granny Square Poncho

This Crocheted Daisy Granny Square Poncho is the perfect all-weather clothing item. In winter, it adds an extra layer of warmth, and in summer, it is light and airy.

As a confident beginner crocheter, you can handcraft this daisy granny square poncho easily.

These crocheted ponchos are not just for adults, they can be great for dressing up kids and keeping comfortable in any weather.

You can create this daisy granny crocheted poncho in small to large size, just by adding or removing square rows.

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A lovely handmade crocheted granny poncho from our crafter friend at Darlene’s Let It Shine blog.

You can get the FREE crocheted daisy granny¬†poncho with detailed squares and fringe layouts patterns from Darlene’s website.

To download this crocheted poncho that is perfect for all weather, check out this FREE pattern by clicking this link: Daisy Granny Poncho Pattern.

Featured image(s): Let It Shine with Darlenenemeth – thank you!

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