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Crochet Meets Art in Jennifer Cox’s Paintings

The Passionate Designer, Artist and Mom Shares Her Secrets

Crocheting is many things, from a pleasant, creative pastime, to real art. Jennifer Cox is a self proclaimed “designer, artist and mom”, who managed to bring her favorite hobby into her art, by literally inventing a new form of fusion painting that involves applying crocheted pieces to paintings.

Jennifer Cox works with acrylic inks, oils and watercolors, so she is a very versatile artist. She invented the new way of painting by deciding to replace the flowers in her paintings with the crocheted flowers made by her own hands.

The result was spectacular, and she realized that this is how she intends to create art from now on.

“Not satisfied with how I painted flowers along with my desire to learn crochet, I immediately thought adding crochet flowers to my paintings would be the solution,”

the artist says, when asked about how she came with the idea of combining her two passions.

There is a certain appeal to this combination that Jennifer explains in simple terms. The crocheted flowers bring something to paintings that they do not originally have: depth and dimension, two ingredients that make these paintings come to life.

As far as the actual process goes, the artist explains in an interview that she first thought about crocheting the pieces directly on the canvas, but it took a few tries to realize that this was not going to work.

After that, she tried to glue the crocheted flowers to the canvas using Clear Gel and Original Tacky Blue. Satisfied with how fun this was, she settled for this method and has been using it ever since.

Besides being an accomplished painter, Jennifer Cox likes to think of herself as a dedicated crochet lover, too. However, she admits that she cannot get her hands wrapped around making a simple crochet blanket, because she gets bored easily.

Instead, she prefers crocheting various wall decorations, garlands and ornaments, while her daughter still waits for her blanket. Apparently, art really demands sacrifices!

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