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Crocheted French Mini Peacock Feathers [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Make These Stunning Crocheted French Mini Peacock Feathers

These amazing crocheted French mini peacock feathers are really versatile and they can be used for many things.

You can for instance turn them into ear rings. Conversely, you could also use them as appliques on dresses, hats, handbags, etc.

Each of these mini feathers should measure about 1.6 inches by 2 inches.

In metric measurements, a finished crocheted peacock feather should be approx. 4 cm by 5 cm.

 Yarns from knitpicks.com

The designer responsible for these gorgeous crocheted mini peacock feathers is Christa Veenstra over at the Curio Crafts Room.

She has written a great crochet pattern which is accompanied by a mini photo tutorial.

You can access the FREE crochet pattern for these lovely mini peacock feathers from Christa’s website.

To access the FREE pattern for these amazing peacock feathers, please click here: French Mini Peacock Feathers Pattern

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