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Crocheted Friendly Firefly Fred [FREE Amigurumi Pattern+Tutorial]

Keep Your Home Glowing With Crocheted Friendly Firefly Fred

Keep your home glowing with Crocheted Friendly Firefly Fred.

This fabulous little guy is a superb and fun caricature of the beautiful Firefly we see in our gardens during twilight. They hibernate during the Winter months, only to reappear in the Spring. Also know as Lightning Bugs, they create the most wonderful dance and magical glowing atmosphere, when they are around.

These realistic toys do wonders for a child´s imagination as well as teaching them about different species and collections.

The safety eyes have been purchased, but you can of course embroider the face completely, if you prefer.

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I am sorry to say I cannot find out who the designer for this wonderful amigurumi piece is, so if any of you do know, please send me the information, so I can include them on this page. Having said this, you can access the pattern from

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