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Crocheted Holiday Deer Buddy [FREE Amigurumi Pattern+Tutorial]

Craft This Rag Doll Crocheted Holiday Deer Buddy For Your Little Ones This Season

Craft this Rag doll, Crocheted Holiday Deer Buddy for your little Ones This Season. He also has a partner Delilah, who is equally gorgeous.

The rag dolls  are created differently to the normal amigurumi toys, and use different stitches, but are no less wonderful. They have a rougher and unpolished look to them, but are usually softer and much easier to cuddle.

The safety eyes have been purchased, but you can of course embroider the face completely, if you prefer.

Delilah has been created on a completely separate pattern, and posted separately. Please click here:

They also have a wonderful timeless charm to them, which children love.

These adorable deer have been designed by Jillian Hewitt from Spin A Yarn Crochet. She has not only given us a written pattern, but also a photo tutorial and a very detailed description of how to craft this project.

In order to connect directly to this pattern and tutorials, please click this link: Holiday Deer Free Crochet Pattern- Part 2

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Featured image: Jillian Hewitt from Spin A Yarn Crochet – thank you!

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