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Crocheted Magic Ring [A How To Tutorial]

Watch The Video And Learn How To Make A Crocheted Magic Ring

The crocheted magic ring is a great way of starting a crochet project in the round.

By using the magic ring, you will avoid having the typical “hole” in your work that you get when you start a project with a crocheted chain.

Using the magic ring is very typical when crocheting amigurumi.

However, the magic ring is very useful for starting other types of crocheting projects in the round.

If you would like to try out this technique, here is a great hat project that uses the magic ring: Crochet Owl Hat With Flaps [FREE Pattern]

We have included a video tutorial below from Crochet Geek. It shows you how to do the magic ring.

In addition, we have also included two infographics which shows how to do the magic ring. They come courtesy of Sarah Beckman!

crocheted magic ring right | the crochet space

crocheted magic ring left | the crochet space

Watch this great video tutorial and see how to do the magic ring!

You can find more great tips and trick here: Crochet Tips & Tricks

Featured image: Craftsy 

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