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Crocheted Quidditch Harry Potter [ FREE Amigurumi Pattern]

Add This Amazing Crocheted Quidditch Harry Potter To Your Collection

Add this amazing Crocheted Quidditch Harry Potter to your collection

Craft yet another Harry Potter! This is the only other Harry figure in this group. Dressed in his other favorite guise as a seeker in a Quidditch game, he looks amazing. See his magical broom stick in one hand and the Golden Snitch in the other.

Look for the rest of his pals over the coming week, and celebrate a magic this year!

This design is another mini-size, compared to the others in the group. The completed Harry is approx. 10.5 cm tall, or if you prefer metric measurements, approx. 4.25 inches.

Celebrate Halloween with Harry and his pals and make your festival magical this year!

The safety eyes have been purchased, but you can of course embroider the face completely if you prefer.

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In addition, if you are a beginner to amigurumi, we have an excellent tutorial from Bluprint, please just click this link: The Foolproof Guide to Adorable Amigurumi Part 2 

Suitable for beginners, this great Harry Potter pattern has been designed by Daisy And Storm.

To access the FREE pattern for Harry, please click this link: Mini Harry Potter Quidditch Amigurumi Pattern

To see Harry and Hedwig, our other Harry amigurumi, please click here : Mini Harry Potter Amigurumi Pattern

Featured image: Daisy And Storm – thank you!

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