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Crocheted Rose Applique Flowers [FREE Pattern+ Photo Tutorial]

Add These Delightful Crocheted Rose Applique Flowers To Your Projects And See Them Bloom!

Add these delightful Crocheted Rose Applique Flowers to your projects and see them bloom!

We´ve had some lovely rose applique on our website for some time, but the designer recently removed the English translation, so here is a new design and pattern, which we hope you will love just as much.

There are no difficult stitches involved, only the basic, and the designer has given us a wonderful photo tutorial which we can crochet along to.

She has also given us a leaf pattern, which just finishes the design off perfectly.

The pattern is available in 4 sizes, which we can craft just by changing out hook size. The designer has also given us complete instructions on this.


This fabulous rose applique has been designed by Lucy from Attic 24.

In order to connect directly to this pattern and tutorial, please click this link: May Roses Pattern

If you like this pattern and would like to see more FREE flower patterns, please click here: Flower Patterns

Featured image: Lucy from Attic 24 – thank you!

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