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Crocheted True Colors Blanket [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Wrap Yourself Up In This Awesome Crocheted True Colors Blanket

Wrap yourself up in this awesome Crocheted True Colors Blanket.

This blanket is very stylish and colorful and It´s also incredibly easy to craft. It´s one of those blankets which you will adore year in and year out.

Craft in your favorite colors, for your favorite chair. Whenever you have time to just sit and relax, put your feet up for 5 minutes, sink into this comfortable blanket and close your eyes.

The blanket, once completed should be approx. 37 inches long by 55 inches wide, or if you prefer metric measurements, 94 cm long x 140 cm wide.

This pattern is suitable for confident beginners but If you need further help, you will see Drops own videos at the foot of the pattern. Just be aware that the videos have no sound, but they are good to crochet along to.

This crochet pattern is another wonderful design by the very talented people over at Drops Design.

To access the FREE pattern and diagram for this fabulous blanket, please click this link: True Colors Pattern

If you like this pattern and would like to see more Free Blanket patterns, please click here: Blanket Patterns

NB! The price you see on the Drops Design page when you click the link is NOT for the pattern – THE PATTERN IS FREE. The price is for the yarn if you choose to buy yarn from Drops Design 

Featured Image: DROPS Design – Thank you!

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