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Two Miles and 1,400 Yards of Yarn for the Perfect Crocheted Wedding Dress

Young Bride Spends 8 Months Creating Her Dream Wedding Gown

Everyone knows how expensive vintage crocheted wedding dresses are, and Abbey Ramirez-Bodley discovered this on her own when she tried to get one for her special big day. Realizing that getting enough money together for the wedding gown of her dreams was close to impossible, she decided to roll up her sleeves and do it on her own.

Together with her aunt, Jennifer Wollard, Abbey worked for 8 months in a row to create the wedding dress she wanted from scratch. The same aunt taught Abbey how to crochet when she was just a little girl and she was up to the challenge.

“We didn’t have a pattern. It was a lot of guesswork,” Abbey told journalists, when asked about the process.

It took two miles and 1,400 yards of yarn, along with 8 months of assiduous work and just 70 dollars, for the bride and her aunt to finish the dress in time for the big day. Everything was made by hand, not only the individual doilies used as the base of the dress. Without a pattern, Abbey and Jennifer had to figure out how to shape the dress on the go, and they invested a lot of creativity when they had to deal with obstacles.

The hardest step was to make the sleeves which were particularly difficult.

“The sleeves were a nine-hour day,” the young bride said, giving a rough idea about how much work was involved in making the stunning dress.

In the end, it was all worth it, as the guests and especially the groom were mesmerized by Abbey’s wonderful wedding gown.

“Anybody that knows me knows that I would choose this over a bought dress,” Abbey added, extremely pleased with the results of her hard work.

Now Abbey has her own vintage style crochet dress that she can pass on to the next generation, along with a heartwarming story about how the dress came to be.


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