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Diver Crochets An Underwater “Time Bomb”

Crocheting Artist Wants To Save The Whale Shark But Gets Into Hot Water

Polish-born Olek is on a mission to save the largest known extant fish species on Earth, the whale shark. Wanting to bring attention to destructive fishing practices that have an impact on the aquatic eco-system, she went diving on the coast of Mexico.

Searching for a project, she decided to turn to the Cancun underwater museum’s underwater exhibition of over 475 submerged sculptures.

Watch this incredible video of the statues in-situ.

Olek went diving among the exhibits, looking for a piece without any coral growth so that she could adapt it to illustrate her own statement. Coming across the “time bomb” sculpture by Jason Decaires Taylor, she felt that she could reiterate his message through her own art.

the state of our oceans is a ticking time bomb and we need to act now if we wish to save our seas.’

Over the course of a number of days, the crocheting artist kept diving down and crocheted to get her “time bomb” finished. However, despite her good intentions with the project and wanting to save the marine life, she is being met with criticism for completing the project without having been given permission by the museum.

crocheting artist time bomb | the crocheting spaceAccording to the museum’s director, Jaime Gonzalez, she may herself have damaged marine life growing on the sculptures in an area that is environmentally protected.

“Believe it or not, there is a lot of marine life growing, encrusted in the sculpture, and we gather that this has killed it,” he said.

Olek had this to say when she was told that prosecutors are preparing to lodge charges against her:

“If they want to sue me, I don’t know. I can pay them back with crocheting more underwater sculptures.”

“I don’t know why would they sue me but maybe they’re a little bit upset that I did it there.

“But my intentions were positive and that’s the most important thing about my work,” she added. “I really want to create a positive message.”

Watch this video showing crocheting artis Olek creating her “time bomb”

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