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Crocheting Efforts Worthy of Guinness World Records Accolade

Mother India’s Crochet Queens Put Together the Largest Crochet Blanket in the World

Over 1,000 crochet enthusiasts from 13 different countries, aged between 8 and 85 years, under the guiding hand of Mother India’s Crochet Queens, managed to set a new world record for the largest crochet blanket ever made.

Mother India’s Crochet Queens is a social media based group brought to life by Subashri Natarajan, a 44 year old woman from Chennai, India, who loves crocheting and has been indulging in this creative pastime from an early age.

Initially, the ambitious crochet enthusiast thought about setting a new crocheting record on her own, but realizing the scope of the project, she decided to get her friends from Facebook involved.

The initial project involved the making of 5,000 crocheted blankets that were afterwards knitted together in order to make an impressive huge blanket containing all of them. The final blanket measured 11,148.5 square meters (120,001 square feet 72 square inches), and managed to surpass the previous record produced especially for the Nelson Mandela Day in 2015.

A representative of Guinness World Records traveled to Chennai to measure the immense blanket that was stretched over a football field, which was the only suitable location for the gargantuan creation.

The project was both a challenge and a chance for Indian women from different countries to show their skill and dedication to this productive form of art.

There are several ladies who are at their homes with little touch with the outside world and are depressed about it. But with this, they now feel proud and self confident that they are a part of a movement and can achieve something based on their own skill and determination,”

Subashri Natarajan said, referring to what the project meant to the participants to the setting of this new crocheting world record.

After the measurements took place, the huge blanket was taken apart and the separate blankets were sent to various NGOs across the globe, to help those in need.

Watch this video of the Crochet Queens in action!

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