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Easy Crochet Jazzy Unicorn [FREE Amigurumi Pattern+Tutorial]

Add This Easy Crochet Jazzy Unicorn To Your Amigurumi Collection

Add this Easy Crochet Jazzy Unicorn to your amigurumi collection. She’s beautiful and the stuff legends are made of. Craft this for your child and they will escape for hours of fun, immersed in magical and safe worlds of fantasy.

When completed, Jazzy should stand approx. 14 inches/35.56 cm tall.

The safety eyes have been purchased, but you can of course embroider the face completely, if you prefer. The designer has given us an additional video tutorial, however, which teaches us how to indent the amigurumi eyes. Which is invaluable!

She also gives us a video on how to add hair, the amigurumi way!

She has really thought of everything, she has other video tutorials besides, so beginners to amigurumi will find this very easy.

The designer of Jazzy is Jess Huff who has a website in the same name.

To access this pattern and other tutorials directly, please click here: Jazzy The Unicorn Pattern

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Featured image: Jess Huff – thank you!

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