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Floral Crochet Bouquet Patterns [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Embellish Your Projects With These Fabulous Floral Crochet Bouquet Patterns

Embellish your projects with these fabulous Floral Crochet Bouquet Patterns and you should never have just have a plain blank crochet canvas again!

They are so beautiful and easy, and make simple projects come alive. They are, of course, another great project which uses up your left over yarn.

The designer has decided to showcase them on a lovely but simple, skinny purse, which really makes the whole project pop and fuse with color and texture.

These are fabulous patterns which you can refer to, time and time again. Just change the colors for the changing seasons and you wont be disappointed.

When completed, the skinny purse should be approx. 24 inches wide x 18.5 inches high [not including the handle height] or if you prefer metric measurements approx. 61cm wide x 47 cm high [not including the handle height]

The designer for this amazing project is (Mo) Moran Malron at CrochetObjet.

To access these fantastic and fun FREE patterns, please just click this links:

Her entire project is called Joyful Bouquet How To. She has given us the most gorgeous photographs and easy-to-follow tutorials for each of these patterns. Please click on this link to access the initial page: Joyful Bouquet How To

If you like these patterns and would like more accent flower patterns, please just click on this link: Flowers

Featured Image: By (Mo) Moran Malron at CrochetObjet  – Thank you!


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