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Giant Crochet Rug – No Hook Needed [FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial]

Learn How To Make This Giant Crochet Rug Using Your Fingers!

What is better than the feeling of a soft warm crocheted rug beneath your feet?

Chandi is the owner and founder of Expression Fiber Arts, a company that offers gorgeous, hand-dyed luxury yarn.

In this step-by-step tutorial, she demonstrates how she created this lovely lovely, giant circular rug using just her fingers – now crochet hook or sewing needle in sight.

As material, she used is roving which is wool that has been cleaned and prepped.

Roving is normally used for hand-spinners to spin into their own yarn.

For this particular rug, she used a soft merino wool which is more expensive than other types of roving.

However, you can just as easily use Corriedale wool or BFL (Blue-Faced Leicester) wool, or even cotton, bamboo or any other type of wool.

Another, much cheaper option,  is to cut fabric into 2-3 inch strips and use that. In total, Chandi used 7.5 lbs of roving for this gorgeous rug which is 3 feet across.!

Watch the tutorial and try it out for yourself

If you find it difficult to follow the video or if you prefer to read the instructions instead, you can find the pattern on Chandi’s website: Expression Fiber Arts

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