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Gorgeous Gradvis Crochet Sweater [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Craft This Gorgeous Gradvis Crochet Sweater And Add To Your Closet

Craft this Gorgeous Gradvis Crochet Sweater and add to your closet.

This fabulous sweater is not a one day project, but it is a sweater you will want to keep in your closet forever. You will enjoy wearing immensely and will never tire of it´s lovely design.

The name ‘Gradvis’ means gradual, in Norwegian, which aptly describes this great project. This sweater is something special and it really will be worth the time and effort you spend on it.

The pattern is available in no less than nine sizes! Ranging from XS all the way up to 5XL, and in addition there are suggestions how you can customize it, to fit you perfectly.

The designer has used a 4mm hook and hand dyed, light fingering Merino and Nylon yarn to achieve these sizes. However, you can of course, adjust these to suit.

The wonderful thing with this pattern, is that there are no difficult stitches. You do need to know the Front Post Double Crochet Stitch and The Chain and Slip Stitch, but the designer has given us tutorials and videos, should we need further guidance.

In addition to this, she has also given us a diagram and an excellent size chart.

The designer of this Fabulous Sweater is Janne over at Joy Of Motion Crochet.

To access the FREE pattern, diagram and chart for this sweater, please click on this link: Crochet Gradvis Sweater.

She does suggest Blocking, when finishing off the sweater, if you need more guidance on this, please just click here: How To Finish Your Crochet

Featured image:Janne over at Joy Of Motion Crochet- thank you!

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