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Granny Swirl Crochet Dishcloth [FREE Crochet Pattern+Tutorial]

Make This Granny Swirl Crochet Dishcloth Your Next Weekend Project

Make this Granny Swirl Crochet Dishcloth your next weekend project and you’ll be finished in no time. It’s quick, easy and very useful.

Check out the pattern, which is ideal for crochet beginners. The great thing is, that it only uses the Double Crochet stitch[dc] and also gets you accustomed to changing colors.

Craft a bunch of these fantastic dishcloths, and you’ll be ahead of the game for ideal stocking fillers. Granny Squares are always well received and are completely timeless.

If you’re a complete newbie to crocheting, take a look at this beginners tutorial guide from Bluprint. You’ll not only learn the basic stitches, but you’ll also get some great tips. Please click here: The Beginners Guide To Crochet-Part 1

This tutorial from Bluprint is part of a 7 part series guide, also on our website. If you would like to see more, please click here: Tips, Tricks And Tutorials.

The designer responsible for this very pretty dishcloth is Heidi Wells.

In fact, you can access the FREE downloadable pattern for this super dishcloth from Knit Picks.

Access the FREE downloadable pattern for this dishcloth, just click on this link: Teal Swirl Crochet Dishcloth

Featured image: Heidi Wells  – thank you!

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