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Heathered Eyelets Crocheted Wrap [FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial]

Check Out This Stunning Heathered Eyelets Crocheted Wrap

This Beautiful Heathered Eyelets Crocheted Wrap is modern and easy to work up.

In fact, it is a good crocheting project for beginner crocheters who want to make and learn basic stitches.

Making this lovely crocheted heathered eyelets wrap is fun and it is perfect for anytime of the year.

Once completed, the crocheted scarf should measure approx. 14 inches in width and 48 inches in length.

If you prefer metric measurements, the finished scarf should be about 35.5 cm wide and 122 cm long.

The very talented Jennifer Dickerson made the design for this charming heathered eyelets crocheted scarf.

In fact, you can download the FREE pattern for this stunning heathered eyelets scarf from Fiber Flux.

Access the FREE downloadable pattern for this heathered eyelets crocheted wrap, please click here: Heathered Eyelets  Wrap Pattern

To learn how to make crocheted pattern, watch this great video tutorial from Jennifer Dickerson!

Featured image(s): Jennifer Dickerson – Thank you!

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