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Crocheter Teaches Hospice Patient To Crochet

Local Volunteer Brings Warmth And Compassion To Hospice

A talented crocheter, Pricilla Torres is volunteering at the Altus Hospice where she teaches a patient how to crochet.

Barbara Connors is physically unable to leave her room without help, so she is not able to socialize at the nursing homes activities. Every week Torres comes in to visit. The two ladies swap stories, share laughs and crochet together.

“She’s a really sweet person who donates her time without any thought of recompense,” Connors said.

Torres thinks that people may be afraid of what it takes to volunteer, but that anybody can really do it.

Altus Hospice wants more people to take up that “anybody can do it” mantra. Their volunteer coordinator, Gesenia Gonzales, said many patients spend lots of time without any visitors.

“They’re lonely, so when we provide someone to provide some companionship, they love it,” Gonzales said.

Altus is a non-profit that tries to make volunteering easy by placing volunteers with patients as close to their homes as possible.

“Since they’re giving us their time, we make it convenient for our volunteers,” Gonzales said.

For Torres, volunteering is all about making friends, not about the convenience or the satisfaction she gets from teaching Connors the new skill of how to crochet.

“Oh it’s the highlight of my week, honestly,” she said.

So, would you consider putting your crocheting skills to good use and do some volunteering?

Watch this video and see the special friendship grown between Torres and Connors!


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