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Injured Woman Crochets In Crashed Vehicle

Bleeding From Her Nose She Continued Crocheting After Accident

We can all get a bit obsessive when engrossed in our latest crocheting project. However, this woman in North Michigan seems to have taken her obsession to new heights!

When state conservation officer Steve Speigl responded to the reports of a road crash, he checked for injuries in two vehicles at the crash site. Upon opening the door of a one of the crashed vehicles, he encountered a first – a woman with a bloody nose sitting in the back seat, crocheting away.

“The woman, even though bleeding from her nose, said that crocheting was relaxing and she needed it after being involved in the accident,” according to a recent bi-weekly DNR report from conservation officers.

Luckily the woman was not seriously wounded so her injuries could be treated at the scene.

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