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Join Crochet Motifs With One Seam [FREE Tutorial]

Save Time (And Yarn!) Using This Great Method – Join Crochet Motifs With One Seam

Learn how to join crochet motifs using this technique and say goodbye to confusing and messy tails! This quick and easy method will give you beautiful joins and save you precious yarn!

This helpful tutorial will show you how to join multiple crochet squares with just one seam. It includes a simple, easy-to-follow diagram that will guide you in joining your crochet squares.

Using this method means you’ll only have to weave in two tails after joining all your squares! It will definitely result in beautifully made projects like blankets and rugs.

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This wonderful technique is a creation by Jenny Guldin.

In fact, you can access the FREE tutorial and diagram for this yarn-saving method from her website.

To access the FREE tutorial for this awesome technique, please click on this link: Join Crochet Motifs With One Seam Tutorial.

To access the FREE pattern for the pattern and making-of-the-square tutorial tutorial

Featured image: Jenny Guldin/Crochet Is The Way – thank you!

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