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Kitty Kat Crochet Scarf [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Craft This Kitty Kat Crochet Scarf For All Your Cat Loving Friends And Family

Craft this Kitty Kat Crochet Scarf for all your cat loving friends and family.

This fabulous scarf pattern has been derived from the original Kittens In A Row afghan. It is a great idea and one that keeps this amazing design going.

There are some special stitches involved, but it is not a difficult project and is fun to craft.

The scarf also has a lovely edging which finishes it off perfectly. The completed size is approx. 6 inches x 51 inches, or if you prefer metric measurements, 15.24 cm x 129.54 cm.

The downloadable pattern for this crocheted accessory includes detailed written directions for this size. As always, you can tweak the instructions to make the crocheted scarf any size you desire.

This adorable crocheted item is another wonderful design by Carrie Au over at Loops and Ramblings.

In fact, you can access the FREE downloadable pattern for this adorable crocheted scarf from the Ravelry website.

To access the FREE downloadable pattern for this cute crocheted piece, please click on this link: Kittens In A Row Scarf

If you like this pattern and you would like to see more FREE scarves, please just click on this link: Scarves

Featured image: Carrie Au over at Loops and Ramblings. – thank you!

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