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Little Axel Crocheted Flower Baby Blanket [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Make This Classy Little Axel Crocheted Flower Baby Blanket

This little Axel crocheted flower baby blanket looks simple yet classy.

Wrap a precious baby in this pretty blanket! Crochet it to welcome a newborn and it will be there to comfort and warm into the toddler years.

An experienced crocheter will be able to work on this blanket and find the pattern relaxing.

The crocheted flower baby blanket measures about 40 inches by 82 inches (102 by 71 cms).

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This gorgeous baby blanket has a traditional diamond motif that is easy to remember when making.

Olann and IE’s artistic team created the design for this lovely flower baby blanket design.

Get this FREE pattern of this baby blanket from their website and start making one.

You can get the FREE pattern for this crocheted blanket by clicking this link: Flower Baby Blanket Pattern.

Featured image(s): Olann and IE – thank you!

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