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Lovely Crocheted Toddler Dress [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Make This Lovely Crocheted Toddler Dress For Your Little Lady

This lovely crocheted toddler dress is a great addition to your little girl’s growing wardrobe. The simple yet charming design makes this dress an excellent everyday garb.

In fact, this pattern is perfect for experienced beginners and intermediate crocheters.

Once finished, the crocheted toddler dress should be approximately 22 inches long and measure about 21.5 inches around the waist.

In metric measurements, the completed crocheted dress should have a length of around 56 cm and a circumference of about 54.5 cm around the waist.

 Yarns from

This crocheted toddler dress with flowers is a wonderful design by Ummu Nayfah (La Léh Crochet).

In fact, you can access the FREE pattern for this adorable crocheted toddler dress from her website.

To access the FREE pattern for this lovely crocheted piece, please click on this link: Crochet Toddler Dress Pattern.

Featured image: Ummu Nayfah (La Léh Crochet)  – thank you!

Unfortunately this pattern is no longer FREE, as per the designer.


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