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Marvelous Mabel Crochet Square [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Use This Marvelous Mabel Crochet Square In Your Projects

Use This Marvelous Mabel Crochet Square In Your Projects and see them come alive.

This awesome crocheted square is another great weekend project.  It’s vibrant colors and  fabulous design can be used in so many different ways.

The pattern is available in either a 9 or 12 inch square, or if you prefer metric measurements, a 22.86 cm or 30.48 cm square.

You can incorporate the squares into elegant throws, blankets, and mats which will look amazing with their fabulous texture and elegant feel.

This crochet pattern is a wonderful design by Polly Plum from Every Trick On The Hook.

It is easy to make and lots of fun. It also has great texture and color play due to the post stitches and popcorn’s.

She has given us a great step-by-step photo tutorial to follow, which makes it even easier. There are a few special stitches, but Polly has also given us instruction on how to master these.

To access the FREE pattern for this square, please click on this link: Maybellene

If you like this pattern and would like to see more FREE Square patterns, please just click here: Granny Squares

Featured image: Polly Plum from Every Trick On The Hook – thank you!

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