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Mermaid’s Magic Crochet Bag [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Make Your Little Fashionista’s Day By Crafting The Mermaid’s Magic Crochet Bag

Make your little fashionista’s day by crafting The Mermaid’s Magic Crochet Bag.

This is a great design for a great many people. You really don´t have to be a youngster to enjoy this one. If you love Mermaid´s, or fish in general, then this bag is for you.

The pattern is available in 2 sizes. Adult and child, and is nice and large. It will carry a fair amount, but possibly nothing too heavy. It’s perfect for bit’s and pieces and making a fashion statement.

Craft in your favorite colors and it will soon come alive. You also have the option of adding an accent starfish at the end.

These wonderful bags have been designed by Erin at The Cookie Snob.

To access this lovely FREE pattern, from The Cookie Snob, please just click this link: Mermaid Tail Bag

[Tip: Click on the pattern title to view full page]

If you like this FREE bag pattern and would like to see more, please just click on this link: Bags

Featured image: Erin at The Cookie Snob – A Huge thank you!

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