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Mermaid Shell Crochet Sweater [FREE Crochet Pattern+Tutorial]

Master This Fabulous Mermaid Shell Crochet Sweater And Add It To Your Closet

Master this fabulous Mermaid Shell Crochet Sweater and add it to your closet. It has a fabulous drape, which hangs loose and swings beautifully as you walk.

It is another timeless piece which is crocheted from the top down in a gorgeous lace design.

The pattern is available in 3 sizes, S/M-L/XL-XXL/XXXL and is the perfect cover-all for warmer temps. It´s also easy to mix match and pair over an all white or all black ensemble.

This crochet pattern is another wonderful design by the very talented people over at Drops Design.

To access the FREE pattern and diagrams for this fabulous crochet accessory, please click this link: Mermaid Shell

For those of you who have not had experience of reading chart symbols before, the pattern does have a guide. To access an additional FREE video tutorial, however, please click this link: How to Read Crochet Chart Symbols 

NB! The price you see on the Drops Design page when you click the link is NOT for the pattern – THE PATTERN IS FREE. The price is for the yarn if you choose to buy yarn from Drops Design 

Featured Image: Mermaid Shell by DROPS Design – Thank you!

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