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Pay It Forward

The Yarn Lady Crochets Hats For Cancer Patients

AJ Tyler, aka the yarn lady, has touched many a heart with her crocheting. When she saw the joy and happiness her hats brought to cancer patients, she became passionate about crocheting hats for the children at Kosair Children’s Hospital, Kentucky.

The crocheted hats fits newborns, toddlers and older children as well. Each of her hat creations take about 5 to 6 hours to make.

Tyler learnt to crochet from her mother, and just fell in love with it. When she was pregnant, she took up crocheting again wanting to make a hat for her new baby. However, due to complications, her son Owen was taken to ICU.

There AJ saw a mother sitting alone next to her baby and she decided to give her crocheted hat to the baby’s mother. This episode was the spark that lit the fire under AJ and she is now making and donating hats to theĀ Kosair Children’s Hospital.

She feels thatĀ giving back is her way of honoring her father and uncle, who both sadly passed away from cancer. Her experiences have shown her that being able to bring a smile to families experiencing hardship while in hospital, is priceless.

Watch this interview with AJ Tyler and one of the young ladies she has touched.


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