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Perfect Crochet Poppy Patterns [FREE Crochet Patterns+Video]

Waste No Time In Crafting Your Charity Poppies With These Perfect Crochet Poppy Patterns

Waste no time in crafting your charity poppies with these Perfect Crochet Poppy Patterns.

Remembrance Day – November 11th

Anzac Day – April 25th

The great thing about poppies is that it doesn’t matter is you are a complete newbie to crocheting or you have been crocheting for years, poppies are easy! You will have no problem finding a poppy to suit your taste and skills.

You can also craft them in alternative colors, although it’s best to check with your charity first, as to which color they would prefer. As a guideline:

Red: As remembrance of all casualties of war

White Poppies : As an alternative to Red

Purple : To commemorate animal victims of war

We are listing a full page of FREE Poppy Patterns here for you to choose, rather than posting a separate pattern on different pages. We would like to thank all the designers who are mentioned here, and have given us FREE use of the pictures and patterns – Thank you!

For those of you who may need a little help to get started, please click on here for a video tutorial by Sara at All Craft TV in Australia.

To Crochet by FREE Pattern-Please click any of these links:

  1. Fast Crochet Poppy-Purfylle-UK & Australian (UK) Terms
  2. Remembrance Poppy Crochet Project-Emma Leith-UK Terms
  3. Remembrance Poppy Crochet Pattern-Kate at Nana Kate-Australian
  4. Poppies, 5 versions-Suzanne Resaul- Ravelry-USA
  5. Crochet Poppy-Eirawen- a crochet blog-UK

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