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Perfect Poinsettia Crochet Flower [FREE Crochet Video Tutorial]

Craft This Perfect Poinsettia Crochet Flower For Your Table During The Festive Season

Craft this Perfect Poinsettia Crochet Flower for your table during the festive season and create A magnificent stand-out piece!

This amazing Poinsettia can really bring the feeling of festive into your home. It´s wonderful to bring the deep rich, red colors of the flower in and start to create a theme for the season.

What we have here is a video tutorial, rather than a pattern, so you can crochet along with the designer, step-by-step.

You can also incorporate these fabulous embellishments in so many of your other projects. It will help to make each one completely unique and personalize them with your own flair and style.

This particular Poinsettia flower has been designed by Mary J at at Mary J Handmade. She has made video´s in both Italian and English, and both can be seen on You Tube or her web site.

To see the English version, please see here:

.Watch this instructive video and start making your very own Poinsettia flowers now!

Featured Image: Mary J handmade-thank you!

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