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Perfect Poppy Crochet Tunic [ FREE Crochet Pattern+Tutorial]

Pick This Perfect Poppy Crochet Tunic As Your Next Project

Pick this Perfect Poppy Crochet Tunic as your next project. It´s a great summer time tunic or, if you prefer, as a special remembrance day poppy tunic.

Either craft in your favorite color or in your appropriate poppy color:

Red: As remembrance of all casualties of war

White Poppies : As an alternative to Red

Purple : To commemorate animal victims of war

This wonderful tunic has actually been crafted using the traditional Spider Stitch. The designer however has renamed this stitch The Poppy Stitch-how wonderful is that! I know Spiders get a bad rap, but the thought of this delightful tunic representing wild flowers is enough for me!

The Free pattern is available in 2 sizes, S and XL. It’s not a difficult pattern, it’s quite simple, but the sizing can be a little challenging. The designer has listed the pattern as Easy and confident beginners should have little or no problems.

She has also given us additional tutorials to help with the more basic stitches, but we do have one more tutorial that you can access, and may find helpful if you are a beginner. Please just click on this link: Create Crochet Skip Stitches

The Tunic is worked sideways and there are some helpful pattern notes and tips, before the pattern starts.

This fabulous pattern has been designed by ChiWei Ranck at One Dog Woof.

To access this fun FREE pattern,  from the Angie´s website. Please just click this link: Wildflowers Tunic Crochet Pattern

Featured images: ChiWei Ranck at One Dog Woof- Thank you!


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